[one-users] ONE2.0beta, livemigration does not work

Viktor Mauch mauch at kit.edu
Thu Sep 2 15:58:06 PDT 2010

hello together,

I work with ONE 2.0beta based on ubuntu 10.04 with a NFS shared mount. I 
try to livemigrate the supported ttylinux image and get the following 
log output. The VM stays on the origin cluster node.

Thu Sep  2 23:38:36 2010 [VMM][I]: Command execution fail: virsh 
--connect qemu:///system migrate --live one-20 
Thu Sep  2 23:38:36 2010 [VMM][I]: STDERR follows.
Thu Sep  2 23:38:36 2010 [VMM][I]: error: Unknown failure

Does anyone have an idea, what goes wrong.

Greets Viktor

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