[one-users] network and username parameter in template

Zeeshan Ali Shah zashah at pdc.kth.se
Fri Oct 29 00:14:56 PDT 2010

hi ,
I am using the following parameters ,

     HOSTNAME    = "$NAME",
     ROOT_PUBKEY    = "/srv/cloud/images/id_rsa.pub",
     IP_PUBLIC   = "",
     NETMASK = "",
     USERNAME = "oneadmin",
     PASSWORD = "oneadmin",
     FILES      = "/srv/cloud/images/init2.sh /srv/cloud/images/id_rsa.pub",

in init2.sh i have
adduser -s /bin/bash -D $USERNAME -p oneadmin
ifconfig eth0 $IP_PUBLIC

cat $ROOT_PUBKEY>>  /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

But in Xen i have got this in dumpxml , and not able to login either with ssh IP or with console username does not work.

<interface type='bridge'>
       <mac address='00:11:22:33:44:55'/>
       <source bridge='xenbr1'/>
       <script path='vif-bridge'/>
       <target dev='vif22.0'/>

Why it is not able to set IP or password ? any suggestion


Zeeshan Ali Shah
System Administrator
PDC-Center for High Performance Computing
KTH-Royal Institute of Technology , Sweden
+46 8 790 9115

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