[one-users] OpenNebula use or not-use

Nikolay Gar nikolay.gar at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 05:29:46 PDT 2010

Hello List

I have some question before I'm going to implement OpenNebula in my env.
I have physical node/nodes  ubuntu-10 within KVM , this node running 2
Virtual Machines ( for example)
The 1-st VM machine - belongs to user-A
second  VM belongs to user-B

I need provide possibilities where user-A fully managed VM-1 and cannot
"see/manage" VM-2,
fully-managed  I mean :
1. Stop/Start VM
2. Get Console on VM
3. Define as CD-R/DVD/USB  - some ISO/image file from shared NAS
I mean  userr-a may be a "root" for 1-VM, and user-b "root" for 2-VM

Thank in advance

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