[one-users] Alternative java bindings

Tiago Batista tiagosbatista at gmail.com
Thu Oct 7 03:06:17 PDT 2010

I am in the process of creating alternative java bindings for OpenNebula.
(Dont ask and I wont tell why!)

They are now at a very embrionary state, and I would like to expose them a
little. There are some parts that are specific to my setup, and a lot of
refactoring is required but most of the code is automatically generated.

I use JAXB to bind the xmlrpc responses to POJOs, and I use a catchall class
to perform the required operations on the server. A usage example:

Client client = new Client("username", "password", "
VMOperations vmOps = new VMOperations(client);
VmType vm = vmOps.info(id);

This way, adding features is as simple as editing the apropriate xsd. By the
way, extensions to the existing xsd, or new xsd files are welcome! With a
little refactoring I think I can wrap the VmType that is read only on a
class that allows some operations to be performed over it...

Also, this is better for environments where the data must be used across a
network, as the classes (although not marked as such) should face no
serialization problems. Even is none of the code seems useful, you should
really consider replacing the standard Client class with a serializable one!

What do you think of this?
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