[one-users] OpenNebula 2 RC: Why do image names have to be unique?

Carsten.Friedrich at csiro.au Carsten.Friedrich at csiro.au
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Hi Carlos,

I see. I still think this will cause frequent pain down the road. At least, please consider using a specific error code for this case as all I currently get is a non-descript DB layer error message.

I'm also unsure about your example, i.e. having to modify templates when deleting and re-creating an image. Since there is no guarantee that the old image with name "Ubuntu" has the same features as the new image I'm not sure old templates should automatically use new images. There isn't even any guarantee that the two images were created by the same users.

My preferred solution would be to use the image ID for all references to an image, including making it a mandatory field in the vm template, if an image is to be used.


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Hi Carsten,

Yes, it is necessary if you want to be able to use the image name's in the template, like

DISK = [ IMAGE = "Ubuntu Lucic" ]

Otherwise, you are forcing the users to use images by their IMAGE_ID, which is an internal ID that can change at any time, e.g., you define templates for your IMAGE "Ubuntu" and a VM that uses "Ubuntu", but the VM template has be modified if you delete and register again some time later that IMAGE)

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On 29 September 2010 07:20, <Carsten.Friedrich at csiro.au> wrote:
Trying to insert a second image with the same name into the image repository creates an error on the database layer. Since images are already uniquely defined by their id, and it is not unlikely that different users may choose the same name for an image, e g. "Ubuntu Lucid", I'm not sure this restriction is doing more good than harm (by confusing users through hard to interpret error messages). Is it really necessary?


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