[one-users] ONE-2.0 CDATA in XML output

hector hector at convivencial.org
Tue Nov 30 16:18:28 PST 2010

CDATA labels are ignored by REXML so you shouldn't worry about them.
It's like they're not there.

Im testing your example and it simply works. Perhaps you can give some
more input on the problem? As I say, it shoudln't be CDATA related if
working with REXML.


El 01/12/10 01:07, Shi Jin escribió:
> Hi there,
> I used to have some ruby script to parse the output of "onevm show <vmid> -x". After switching from 1.4 to 2.0, they no longer work. I think the problem is that now the output of the XML has lots of CDATA in it. For example
>     <CPU><![CDATA[2]]></CPU>
> which used to be just
>  <CPU><2></CPU>
> I am not a Ruby expert. Is there any easy way to parse the XML in Ruby to get the CDATA data? My code looks like
> def getCPU
>                 vm=`onevm show  #{VMID} -x`
>                 doc=REXML::Document.new(vm).root
>                 $cpu=doc.elements['/VM/TEMPLATE/CPU'].text.strip
> end
> Thanks a lot.
> Shi
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> Shi Jin, PhD
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