[one-users] Referencing OpenNebula

Borja Sotomayor borja at borjanet.com
Fri Nov 12 07:03:53 PST 2010


> I am writing a scientific publication, and would like to include open nebula
> in the references. To support research, the best practice when referencing
> software is to reference an article that describes it, and not just point to
> the main page. There is no such article mentioned in
> http://www.opennebula.org/about:referencing

Thanks for pointing this out. I've added a section to that page with
the seminal article that should be referenced. fyi, it is the

Virtual Infrastructure Management in Private and Hybrid Clouds,
B.Sotomayor, R.Santiago Montero, I.Martín Llorente, I.Foster. IEEE
Internet Computing, vol. 13, no. 5, pp. 14-22, Sep./Oct. 2009.

Borja Sotomayor
-Scientific Writer at UChicago's Computation Institute
-Community Manager for the OpenNebula project

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