[one-users] mounting datablocks in a VM

Steven Timm timm at fnal.gov
Tue Nov 30 18:52:41 PST 2010

So 3 hours later after my datablock got copied to the host machine
and the VM launched, I find that opennebula is trying to launch
it with a target device of /dev/vde but I did not have a /dev/vde
special device defined in the /dev directory.
Any KVM friends out there who know how to get the 2nd virtio bus
recognized?--or how to make the device and get it recognized on the fly?

Below is the kvm command and the corresponding deployment.0 as
it was running on the host.

root     26492     1  0 17:13 ?        00:00:40 /usr/bin/kvm -S -M 
rhel5.4.0 -m 4096 -smp 2 -name one-112 -uuid 
d34d8c23-3181-d3d2-fbdd-a84d52f26b05 -no-kvm-pit-reinjection -monitor pty 
-pidfile /var/run/libvirt/qemu//one-112.pid -no-acpi -boot c -drive 
file=/var/lib/one/112/images/disk.0,if=virtio,index=0,boot=on -drive 
file=/var/lib/one/112/images/disk.1,if=virtio,index=1 -drive 
file=/var/lib/one/112/images/disk.2,if=virtio,index=4 -drive 
file=/var/lib/one/112/images/disk.3,if=ide,media=cdrom,index=2 -net 
nic,macaddr=54:52:00:02:03:01,vlan=0 -net 
tap,fd=18,script=,vlan=0,ifname=vnet2 -serial none -parallel none -usb 
-vnc -k en-us

[root at fcl007 images]# cat deployment.0
<domain type='kvm'>
                 <boot dev='hd'/>
                 <disk type='file' device='disk'>
                         <source file='/var/lib/one/112/images/disk.0'/>
                         <target dev='vda'/>
                 <disk type='file' device='disk'>
                         <source file='/var/lib/one/112/images/disk.1'/>
                         <target dev='vdb'/>
                 <disk type='file' device='disk'>
                         <source file='/var/lib/one/112/images/disk.2'/>
                         <target dev='vde' bus='virtio'/>
                 <disk type='file' device='cdrom'>
                         <source file='/var/lib/one/112/images/disk.3'/>
                         <target dev='hdc'/>
                 <interface type='bridge'>
                         <source bridge='br0'/>
                         <mac address='54:52:00:02:03:01'/>
                 <graphics type='vnc' listen='' port='-1' 

Steven C. Timm, Ph.D  (630) 840-8525
timm at fnal.gov  http://home.fnal.gov/~timm/
Fermilab Computing Division, Scientific Computing Facilities,
Grid Facilities Department, FermiGrid Services Group, Assistant Group Leader.

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