[one-users] Asking about Install OpenNebula 2.0

Hoang Dinh Phuc hdphuc at gmail.com
Mon Nov 29 06:37:00 PST 2010

Hi all,

I'm going to install OpenNebula software:

   - Front-End Server: install CentOS 5.5
   - install dependecies:
      - ruby-1.8.6
      - expat-2.0.1
      - rubygems-1.3.7
      - scons-2.0.1
      - xmlrpc-c-1.06.18-1.el5.kb.i386.rpm
      - xmlrpc-c-devel-1.06.18-1.el5.kb.i386.rpm
      - mkrf (0.2.3)
      - nokogiri (1.4.4)
      - rake (0.8.7)
      - xmlparser (0.6.81)

I have 2 problems:

   1. When using *scons -j2* command, i got the error:
   *template_parser.c: In function 'template_lex':
   template_parser.c:696: warning: label 'find_rule' defined but not used
   scons: *** [src/template/template_parser.o] Error 1
   scons: building terminated because of errors.*
   2. When install OpenNebula, i got the warining:
   *./install.sh -d $ONE_LOCATION
   cp: cannot stat `/srv/cloud/one/SRC/opennebula-2.0/src/nebula/oned': No
   such file or directory
   cp: cannot stat
   `/srv/cloud/one/SRC/opennebula-2.0/src/scheduler/src/sched/mm_sched': No
   such file or directory*

Please show me how to resolve this solutions.

Thanks in advandced!
F:  Hoang Dinh Phuc
E:  hdphuc at gmail.com
M: +84909398700
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