[one-users] "onevm deploy" can force the deployment of VMs refused by scheduler

Zaina AFOULKI zaina.afoulki at ensi-bourges.fr
Thu Nov 25 23:23:46 PST 2010


I'm testing a policy for the opennebula scheduler (for example Haizea)
where in some cases, even if the host has enough resources, the scheduler
can decline the lease. (and the VM shows as "pend" with onevm list).

But I noticed that a user can then deploy it anyways with:
$onevm deploy 12 host01

I was wondering if this behavior is normal? shouldn't opennebula show the
state "fail" for the VM instead of deploying it?

What does the function onevm deploy do? does it check available resources
only? does it ignore the decision of the scheduler?


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