[one-users] stuck in boot

Muhammad Daif daif.control at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 03:37:57 PST 2010

I am new to Opennbula and I was trying to deploy a simple cloud. I used the
following configurations:

Name = nebula

cpu = 0.1

memory = 64

Disk = [

source = "/var/lib/one/images/tmp1N2BrS.qcow2",

target = "sda1",

 readonly = "no]

NIC = [network = "small network"]

features =[acpi="no"]

the machine sticks in boot state.
The new log file ends with New VM state is BOOT.
Generating deployment file /var/lib/one/7/deployment.0

what can I do to pass the boot state ?

Muhammad Ahmad Daif
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