[one-users] Monitoring in OpenNebula

Luis Rodero-Merino luis.rodero-merino at ens-lyon.fr
Sun Nov 14 02:35:37 PST 2010


We would like to know a bit more about how OpenNebula's 'Information
Systems' (IS) works (apart from the info available in the
documentation). For example:

1) Does the IS use some open source generic monitoring system such as
nagios, or it is more of a custom-made solution? How it is coded
(linux daemon, script...)?
2) As the deployer of one or more VMs on OpenNebula, could I feed the
IS with custom service-level monitoring info (e.g. transactions per
minute in my db)? In other words, could I send through the IS state
information from inside a VM?
3° Can I 'plug' some listener to the IS to automatically get
monitoring info (for example connecting to a network port), or the
only way to read that info is through the 'onehost list' command?

Thanks for your help, and keep up with the good work!

Dr. Luis Rodero-Merino
Graal/Avalon Group, INRIA-ENS Lyon, France

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