[one-users] one_vmm_xen driver (not) in 2.0

Tres Wong-Godfrey tres at blas.phemo.us
Fri Nov 12 16:15:20 PST 2010


So I've got a bunch of custom extensions built into one_vmm_xen under 1.4 that I'm working on porting over to 2.0. The problem is, that one_vmm_xen.rb no longer exists. It looks like it's been replaced by a combination of one_vmm_sh.rb and vmm_mad/remotes/xen/[command].

I see that VirtualMachineDriver is essentially the same, which means that one_vmm_xen.rb should still work.

 I'm thinking that the easiest way to keep things working is to just continue using the xen vmm driver. I can pretty easily test out whether there are any problems with that, but I'd really like to know why the changes were made in vmm so I can make a good long term decision here.

The only possible reasons I can think of that the changes were made are:

1) ease of deployment and management -- one_vmm now works more like other parts of OpenNebula(?)

2) performance -- spawning a shell process to handle ssh interaction scales better than calling ssh from ruby(?)

3) bug related issues with one_vmm_xen?

Knowing whether the change was made for structural, performance or other reasons makes it easer for me to decide whether to re-implement the changes using the new driver schema or just try plugging in the old driver. 
Thanks so much for your time and any clarity you can give on this.

And I do apologize if there is an RTFM answer for this; if there is, I haven't had much luck finding it.


Tres Wong-Godfrey

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