[one-users] Need Help please

mohab.elnaggar at nileu.edu.eg mohab.elnaggar at nileu.edu.eg
Wed Nov 10 00:23:56 PST 2010

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am new to the OpenNebula, and i have downloaded the OpenNebula 2.0 and i
would like to use it to build my own cloud, also i would like to know more
about the public and the hybrid clouds in order to know how to work with
them easily. So would you tell me or even pass me the manual documentation
for the codes required to build such cloud(s). And if there are any
tutorials to learn me step be step to do so, this will be fine to me.

Thank you,
And i would be grateful if you replied me back.

Mohab Hassan ElNaggar.

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