[one-users] opennebula 2.0.1 under Debian Lenny (5.0.6)

opennebula at nerling.ch opennebula at nerling.ch
Tue Nov 9 02:33:04 PST 2010

The opennebula 2.0 debian package for Lenny (5.0.6) has a dependency
on libmysqlclient16, althought the default Lenny repository only has
I'm posting here, knowing there are another thread for the same issue,
since the second November : "OpenNebula Express 2.0 on Debian_5.0.6
By my meaning should opennebula not never depend on a backport package.
Would it be a problem to change the dependency in the package and use
libmysqlclient15 instead of libmysqlclient16?
Has it been tested?

Best Regards

Marlon Nerling

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