[one-users] Could't add one cluster node

Andrea Turli andrea.turli at eng.it
Mon Nov 8 08:15:20 PST 2010

Dear all,

I'm using OpenNebula 2.0 and I've problem in adding a node to my cluster 
based on Centos 5.5, KVM, NFS.
After creating a new node with
onehost create mynode im_kvm vmm_kvm tm_nfs

the monitor fails after a while and these are the error messages I can see:

$ tail -f /srv/cloud/one/var/sched.log
Mon Nov  8 17:04:08 2010 [HOST][E]: Exception raised: Unable to 
transport XML to server and get XML response back.  HTTP response: 502
Mon Nov  8 17:04:08 2010 [POOL][E]: Could not retrieve pool info from ONE

$ tail -f /srv/cloud/one/var/oned.log
Mon Nov  8 17:06:52 2010 [InM][I]: Monitoring host (6)
Mon Nov  8 17:07:25 2010 [InM][D]: Host 6 successfully monitored.
Mon Nov  8 17:07:25 2010 [ONE][E]: syntax error, unexpected $end, 
expecting VARIABLE at line 2, columns 1:2
Mon Nov  8 17:07:25 2010 [InM][E]: Error parsing host information:

Where can I find more log information?
I've seen a similar problem described at [one-users] "Unable to 
transport XML to server ..."
but the solution proposed seems not good for me.

Any hints?

Thank you

Andrea Turli
Direzione Ricerca e Innovazione
andrea.turli at eng.it

Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa
Via Riccardo Morandi, 32 00148 Roma (RM)
Tel. +39 06 8307 4710
Fax +39 06 8307 4200

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