[one-users] OpenNebula JAVA API

Ruben S. Montero rubensm at dacya.ucm.es
Wed Mar 24 14:38:25 PDT 2010


The JAVA bindings for the OpenNebula Cloud API (OCA) [1] are ready in
the master branch for OpenNebula 1.6. If you want to sneak a preview
at the JAVA API and try it with your OpenNebula 1.4 installation you
can just download a stand-alone package[2] that we have prepared for
testing purposes.

Please send us comments through the list or using the devel portal
[3], so we can stabilize the API for the 1.6 release



[1] http://opennebula.org/doc/oca/java/
[2] http://dev.opennebula.org/attachments/download/127/one-java-api.tgz
[3] http://dev.opennebula.org/issues/198

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Associate Professor (Profesor Titular), Complutense University of Madrid

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