[one-users] Networking in Open Nebula

Shweta Gulati shweta.svnit at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 05:45:09 PDT 2010


I need to configure networking in Open Nebula. The Virtual Machines are not
instantiated with the private and the public ips mentioned in the templates(
private.net and public.net). I have also given the name of the private and
the public network in my NICs.

I have done the following steps

*Private.net template

*NAME = "Small network"

#Now we'll use the cluster private network (physical)
BRIDGE = "virbr0"
LEASES = [ IP=""]
LEASES = [ IP=""]

*Public.net template*

NAME  = "Public LAN"
BRIDGE= "virbr1"
LEASES= [IP="",MAC="50:20:20:20:20:20"]
LEASES= [IP="",MAC="50:20:20:20:20:21"]

*VM Template

*NIC    = [ NETWORK = "Small network" ]
NIC    = [ NETWORK = "Public LAN" ]

I have also setup 2 bridges in the host(virbr0 and virbr1). The bridge
virbr1 is connected to my physical interface eth0 in the host.

With al these changes my vm is still not launched with the desired private
and  public ips. Any help in this regard will be really appreciated.

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