[one-users] Trying to understand the difference between OpenNebula vs. Libvirt

Willem van Engen wvengen at nikhef.nl
Mon Mar 1 02:26:47 PST 2010

Ruben, thanks!

Ruben S. Montero wrote:
> Hi
>> So what does OpenNebula provide that libvirt doesn't? My take:
> I think that is not the right angle to understand the role of each
> component. OpenNebula and libvirt are totally different things, just
> in the same way that Xen and libvirt are different. In fact there are
> libvirt drivers for OpenNebula, as there are drivers for Xen.
> You can interface your OpenNebula-based cloud with 5 interfaces:
> * Native XML-RPC (with high-level bindings in Ruby, Java will be
> released shortly)
> * libvirt, check http://www.libvirt.org/drvone.html
> * EC2 Query API
> * OCCI
> * RedHat's Delta Cloud, check http://www.deltacloud.org/drivers.html
> So when using libvirt the relationship between OpenNebula & libvirt is:
> * libvirt on-top-of OpenNebula: It provides you a widely adopted
> interface to manage you cloud. So for example you can use virsh create
> instead of onevm create.
> * libvirt under OpenNebula: OpenNebula uses libvirt to interface KVM
> in the cluster nodes.
> You could have something like this to create a VM:
> (virsh create) ---libvirt---> (OpenNebula - distributed management)
> ---libvirt---> KVM
> So as Jack pointed out OpenNebula gives you the distributed management
> (scheduler, image movement, networks...) and libvirt gives you an
> interface to access that functionality.
> Cheers
> Ruben

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