[one-users] Prerequisite Concern about OpenNebula!

Sok Chuob chuob.sok at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 07:14:40 PDT 2009

Dear all the members,

I have tried to implement OpenNebula for a couple weeks already but still
not successful implemented. Anyway, I'm here not to mention about my
problems because I have read some other posts that has the same problem as
me and still couldn't solve my problems. Well, I am doing master course. I
study at Korea Aerospace University (in Korea). I'm interesting on Cloud
Computing. Currently, I'm interesting on OpenNebula, so I want to implement
and experience about it. But I have some doubt, so please can anyone help

   1. Why do we need Clustering for OpenNebula?
   2. If it is really important for OpenNebula, what kind of clustering
   architecture do I need before implement OpenNebula?
   3. Is it a disk-less clustering or dependent machines that already have
   their own operating system installed before joining the cluster?
   4. Is there any middle-ware for this clustering?
   5. What is the appropriate operating system for OpenNebula?
   6. Why do we need NIS?
   7. Does OpenNebula requires VT process because for example KVM need a VT
   processor in order to load the kvm_intel module?
   8. For example, if I decide to use KVM, does KVM must be installed in all
   the nodes (front-end and cluster nodes)?
   9. What I was so wondering is in the red text of this sample virtual
   machine template:
   1. NAME     = KVM-TEST
      2. CPU        = 1
      3. MEMORY= 128
      4. OS          = [kernel="/path-to-kernel" (Where do I get this
      kernel? Is it my front-end computer's kernel or what?),
      initrd="/path-to-initrd (which computer's initrd file from my
      clustering that I need to mention here?)", boot=hd (What should I put
      here?) ]
      5. DISK       = [ source="/path-to-image-file" (How can I create this
      image file?), target=hda (what is this target?) ]
      6. NIC         = [mac="xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx"]

I'm looking forward to get the answers and comments.


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