[one-users] error: Domain not found

Tino Vazquez tinova79 at gmail.com
Fri May 29 03:33:51 PDT 2009

Hi there,

I didn't look properly at the log, my apologies.

Here is the line that obtains the domain name after the deploy

        elsif deploy_exe.stdout.match(/^Domain (.*) created from .*$/)

So I guess the problem is that the locale seems to be set to spanish.
If you can provide the output of "virsh create" I will make a patch
for you.


- Tino
Constantino Vázquez, Grid Technology Engineer/Researcher:
DSA Research Group: http://dsa-research.org
Globus GridWay Metascheduler: http://www.GridWay.org
OpenNebula Virtual Infrastructure Engine: http://www.OpenNebula.org

2009/5/29 Fermín Manzanedo Guzmán <fmanzanedo at jetmultimedia.es>:
> Tino Vazquez escribió:
>> Did you obtain a $ONE_LOCATION/var/one_vmm_kvm.log?
> Hi.
> Yes, in ubuntu 9.04 we need to modify /etc/one/defaultrc to put
> ONE_MAD_DEBUG=1 and then restart opennebula. Then it writes
> /var/log/one/one_vmm_kvm.log with the lines submited previously.
> Thanks.
> --
> Fermin Manzanedo

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