[one-users] Null value in onehost list information.

madhusona at gmail.com madhusona at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 22:46:38 PDT 2009

Dear users,

I configured opnenebula in the machine* autoinstall4*. I used one-1.2.0
version to install.

from the machine autoinstall4 i started the one scheduler.
[root at autoinstall4 ~]# one start
oned and scheduler started

*Back end machine:  nebula*
successful passwordless communication to nebula

[root at autoinstall4 ~]# ssh root at nebula
Last login: Thu Mar  5 08:16:04 2009 from

To set up the cluster in OpenNebula, i added the host *nebula* by using the
following command

[root at autoinstall4 ~]# onehost create nebula im_xen vmm_xen tm_ssh

[root at autoinstall4 ~]# onehost list
 HID NAME                      RVM   TCPU   FCPU   ACPU    TMEM    FMEM STAT
   *0 nebula                        0                       0
100                                   on*

Total memory and free memory is not updated when am issuing the onehost list
command.This is my problem.

But i execute the driver manually i got the output from nebula machine.

[root at autoinstall4 ~]# /opt/nebula/ONE/lib/mads/one_im_ssh
MONITOR 0 nebula
Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     E6550  @ 2.33GHz"

 Information Driver Configuration in /etc/oned.conf

IM_MAD = [
    name       = "im_xen",
    executable = "one_im_ssh",
    arguments  = "im_xen/im_xen.conf",
    default    = "im_xen/im_xen.conf" ]

I attached my log file with this. waiting for the favourable reply.

with regards,
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