[one-users] ONE Fault Tolerance

Ignacio Martin Llorente llorente at dacya.ucm.es
Fri Jun 5 08:58:11 PDT 2009


If a physical resource fails, its VMs also fail. OpenNebula v1.2 does  
not provide support for management of checkpointing. In any case you  
would need a file system with snapshot support.

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On 05/06/2009, at 16:44, Esperanza Nieves wrote:

> Hi Ignacio,
> I mean, what happens to the virtual machines that are being  
> executing at the moment that a physical machine stops working, how  
> looks for other physical machine where migrate this virtual machines  
> so that users can continue their work as if nothing had happened.
> What is the procedure to store the state of the machine in a file  
> and later to recover the machine from this file. What is needed to  
> do this.
> Thanks
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