[one-users] About adding ONE List(Hosts,VMs,VNs) APIs

Javier Fontan jfontan at fdi.ucm.es
Sat Jul 11 07:22:58 PDT 2009


Thank you for your effort, we love to know that people are getting  
involved in the project.

For the next version (1.4) we have been changing the API so you can  
get that information using XML-RPC. The beta release should be out  
very soon (this month), we are still writing documentation and testing  
everything to fix any mayor bugs we might find. The codebase is  
changing a bit right now as we polish and fix those bugs but you can  
take a look at the trunk of the subversion repository.

web: http://dev.opennebula.org/projects/opennebula/repository/browse/trunk
svn: http://svn.opennebula.org/one/trunk

About your findings for hosts not added to that map after they are  
added to the database you are right. That map is used as a cache and  
it has the same implementation for VM's and Virtual Networks. As a  
cache it only holds information about the last used objects. Take as  
an example the VM's, if we have hundreds of VM's we don't want to have  
all that information in memory as it could end up eating lots of memory.

To implement listings for XML-RPC we bypassed that cache and got the  
information directly from the database.


On Jul 11, 2009, at 9:05 AM, Wei Wan wrote:

> Hi,
>     I am thinking about adding the ONE list APIs to Nebula, and here  
> is the problem.
> take "onehost list" as an example, after allocating (by onehost  
> create <...> <...> ...) a host, the host record is inserted into the  
> db, but the host object is not inserted into the  
> map<int,PoolObjectSQL *> of HostPool, so is that to say i have to  
> search the database instead of just foreach the map?
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