[one-users] one-1.2.0 support for LVM over iSCSI

Sander Klous sander at nikhef.nl
Sat Jul 25 03:14:34 PDT 2009

I made some minimalistic changes to XenDriver.cc and TransferManager.cc 
to support LVM over iSCSI. Details of what I did can be found under 
"Implementation issues" on this page:


Basically the code checks for the first 5 characters of a path. If these 
characters match "/dev/" then it is assumed to be a block device and 
handled as "LVM over iSCSI". The changes should be backward compatible.

I attached the diffs for both src files. The tm scripts and 
configuration changes are available at the above mentioned web page.

The big advantage of using LVM over iSCSI is the possibility to work on 
locally stored copy-on-write clones from the LVM images. If this can be 
combined with a significant iSCSI read-cache (still need to investigate 
this), it would significantly reduce the overhead of image transfers 
between the image repository and the nodes.

Please feel free to contact me for comments or more information.
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