[one-users] New libvirt Version Includes OpenNebula Driver

Ignacio Martin Llorente llorente at dacya.ucm.es
Mon Jul 6 06:49:38 PDT 2009

Dear OpenNebula users,

libvirt version 0.6.5 was released last week including an OpenNebula  
driver. You can now use any libvirt tool to manage a OpenNebula- 
engined distributed virtual infrastructure consisting of local  
resources running VMware, KVM or Xen; and Cloud resources on Amazon  
EC2 or ElasticHosts.

More details at http://blog.dsa-research.org/?p=184

Regarding interfaces, do not forget that in few days we are releasing  
the new OpenNebula version with a framework to create RESTful  
interfaces, and an implementation of a subset of the Amazon EC2 Query  
API as example.



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