[one-users] [RFC] Release 1.4 - Support for hooks

Borja Sotomayor borja at borjanet.com
Tue Feb 17 09:15:41 PST 2009


>  EVENT: The event that will trigger the execution of the hook. The events
> are VM states (BOOT,RUNNING...)

Would it make sense for the events to be transitions instead of VM
states? I'm not familiar with the internal ONE state machine, but if
there are states with an in-degree > 1, each transition into such a
state may require a different treatment. For example (and I'm thinking
of Haizea's state machine), a VM can enter the "RUNNING" state from
both a "READY" state (the machine has been deployed for the first
time) and from a "RESUMING" state (the machine is deployed, was
running, but had to be suspended, and now it's about to start running
again after resuming), and each transition requires a different
treatment (even if they both end in the "RUNNING" state). Plus, even
if all states in ONE currently have an in-degree = 1, reacting to
transitions instead of states would be a more general solution (in
case the state machine gets more complicated in the future).

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