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Alvaro Canales accleo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 5 01:13:28 PDT 2008

Hello Ruben,

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 6:13 PM, Ruben S. Montero <rubensm at dacya.ucm.es>wrote:

> > > I'm not one of the ONE developers, but I seem to remember this idea has
> > > been discussed in the past. One way of making sure that your suggestion
> > > doesn't get lost in the mailing list is to create a Trac ticket with a
> > > feature request:
> > >
> > >        http://trac.opennebula.org/newticket
> >
> > Ok, you're right. I'll see if the ticket exists and, if not, try to add a
> > new one. Thank you for the suggestion :)
> > Best regards,
> >
> We are already working in providing such functionality in the CLI programs
> (onevm and onehost). However we do not have plans to  include it in the
> XML-
> RPC method.  Do you need it in the XML-RPC methods?.

I'm glad to hear those news from you! :)
I don't think it would be that necessary for the XML-RPC methods, since work
can be done easily with the vid returned by the methods.
The problem was only in the CLI programs, because it was not ease to
retrieve any ID for the newly created VM.

> Best Regards
> Ruben

Thank you!


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