[one-users] Error in "onevm list":`get_history_host':undefinedmethod `[]' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)

Javier Fontan jfontan at fdi.ucm.es
Fri Jun 27 04:25:24 PDT 2008


On Jun 27, 2008, at 12:45 PM, Alvaro Canales wrote:
> I've been trying to checkout since you asked me to, but I'm getting  
> some problems.
> As I'm behind a proxy, I've followed this rules: http://subversion.tigris.org/faq.html#proxy 
> , but still no luck.
> I can wget to the server and navigate through a web browser, but I  
> can't ping nor "svn co ...". If I do "nslookup http://svn.opennebula.org/trunk 
> " I get this:
> Server:
> Address:
> ** server can't find http://svn.opennebula.org/trunk: NXDOMAIN
> It seems that I get a "Non eXistant Domain" problem...
> Can you just confirm that you have all server configurations all  
> right?

To get the IP of the machine you should use the name of the machine,  
not the URL, in this case it is "svn.opennebula.org". Anyhow you are  
not going to get any ping response as we have the firewall configured  
to block that kind of icmp's.

I have never tried using proxy with subversion, can you please tell me  
what svn is telling you when you issue svn co... command? Just reading  
a bit of the svn faq tells this:

Next, you need to make sure the proxy server itself supports all the  
HTTP methods Subversion uses. Some proxy servers do not support these  
general, solving this depends on the particular proxy software. For  
Squid, the config option is

Perhaps the proxy you are using does not support that commands, svn  
with http uses WebDAV protocol. If you still can not check the source  
using svn you can use trac to download it. In http://trac.opennebula.org/browser/trunk 
  there is a link at the bottom to download the code in zip format. It  
is not a fixed zip, it is created each time you download it, so if  
there are any changes will be downloaded.


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