[one-users] Error in "onevm list": `get_history_host':undefinedmethod `[]' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)

Javier Fontan jfontan at fdi.ucm.es
Thu Jun 26 12:54:37 PDT 2008


You are correct, there is a bug there. We have been changing the ruby  
API a bit broke the history. That is already solved in the svn. http://trac.opennebula.org/changeset/17

I encourage you to get the source from subversion and update from time  
to time. The good thing is that the script that installs it makes  
links from where the source files are so ruby files are automatically  
updated when you download new changes. Also recompiling makes  
executables in the installation directory updated.

Configuration files are copied so you wont loose any. It was made like  
this to make developing and testing easier. There will be a real  
installation procedure when it reaches an stable version.

Sorry for the inconveniences.


On Jun 26, 2008, at 7:00 PM, Alvaro Canales wrote:

> More info:
> if I execute "onevm show 0", it works as expected, listing the  
> characteristics of the image with id 0.
> But if I do "onevm history", I get this:
> onevm history
> History for VM 0
>   ID SEQ        HOSTNAME          STIME          ETIME        TIME  
> /OVS/opennebula/bin/onevm:90: undefined method `[]' for  
> true:TrueClass (NoMethodError)
>     from /OVS/opennebula/lib/ruby/client_utilities.rb:131:in `call'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/lib/ruby/client_utilities.rb:131:in  
> `data_array'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/lib/ruby/client_utilities.rb:130:in `collect'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/lib/ruby/client_utilities.rb:130:in  
> `data_array'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/lib/ruby/client_utilities.rb:129:in `collect'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/lib/ruby/client_utilities.rb:129:in  
> `data_array'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/lib/ruby/client_utilities.rb:110:in  
> `data_str'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/bin/onevm:252:in `list_vm_history'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/bin/onevm:268:in `list_vm_history_array'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/bin/onevm:265:in `each'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/bin/onevm:265:in `list_vm_history_array'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/bin/onevm:277:in `list_vm_history_all'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/bin/onevm:276:in `each'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/bin/onevm:276:in `list_vm_history_all'
>     from /OVS/opennebula/bin/onevm:450
> Hope this helps...
> On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 6:37 PM, Alvaro Canales <accleo at gmail.com>  
> wrote:
> Hello again!
> After adding some hosts with the "onehost add..."  command and  
> successfully listing them, I submit an image this way:
> onevm submit images/myfirstVM.template
> ID: 1
> I think this is the expected output.
> The problem comes when trying to do "onevm list", where I get this  
> error:
> onevm list
> /opt/nebula/ONE/lib/ruby/one.rb:340:in `get_history_host': undefined  
> method `[]' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
>     from /opt/nebula/ONE/lib/ruby/one.rb:316:in `get_vms'
>     from /opt/nebula/ONE/lib/ruby/one.rb:315:in `each'
>     from /opt/nebula/ONE/lib/ruby/one.rb:315:in `get_vms'
>     from /opt/nebula/ONE/bin/onevm:184:in `list_short'
>     from /opt/nebula/ONE/bin/onevm:422
> Can you spot the error? I guess get_history_host doesn't return what  
> is expected...
> Thank you for your help and attention! ;)
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> Álvaro
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