[Discuss] User Group in France

Rodrigue Chakode rodrigue.chakode at gmail.com
Wed May 15 12:02:57 PDT 2013

Hi all,
I would like to lead the OpenNebula User Group in France.

To give a summary about me, I hold a PhD in computer science in the areas
of high performance computing and cloud computing. See [1] for more details
about me. I started working with OpenNebula since the early of 2009 during
my PhD. I contributed in promoting OpenNebula with the project SVMSched (
Currently, I work as Research Engineer in a company [2] editing software
for HPC and SaaS clouds. We work with both OpenNebula and other private and
public cloud stacks. In the company, I'm known as a OpenNebula evangelist.

So supporting a user group appear as natural way to continuously promoting
the OpenNebula Project.

[1] http://mescal.imag.fr/membres/rodrigue.chakode/
[2] http://www.SysFera.com <http://www.sysfera.com/>

R. Chakode
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