[one-dev] KVM SR-IOV Add-on

David Macleod dmacleod at csir.co.za
Fri Oct 25 03:32:05 PDT 2013

Hi All,
The KVM SR-IOV driver enables support for SR-IOV devices, including Infiniband, in KVM virtual machines. The add-on has been developed for HPC orientated Clouds and includes a number of VM  performance enhancements.
The driver supports two modes for passing SR-IOV devices into VMs, generic and mlnx_ofed2. The generic mode is cable of passing any SR-IOV device into VMs, not limited to network devices.
The mlnx_ofed2 mode is tuned to pass IP information into VMs via GUIDs and also supports IB network isolation though a modification to the ovswitch VNM driver and IB partitions.
A HPC mode option can also be enabled to improve CPU and memory performance of the VM by passing though the exact CPU model and detecting and respecting NUMA nodes.
For more information and limitations visit: http://wiki.chpc.ac.za/acelab:opennebula_sr-iov_vmm_driver
Requested repo name: KVM SR-IOV Driver
Github user: dmacleod at csir.co.za

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