[one-users] What kinds of shared storage are you using?

Székelyi Szabolcs szekelyi at niif.hu
Thu Sep 2 15:28:23 PDT 2010

On Thursday 02 September 2010 14:03:32 Michael Brown wrote:
> I've found that NFS is unacceptably slow too.  With both the front end and
> the nodes mounting NFS, copies have to go through the front end, then back
> out again, which is a bit wasteful.
> We use a NetApp storage system, which can do flexclones.  We can't take
> advantage of that with OpenNebula because everything is exported via NFS. 
> I have a few coworkers that have experience with a NetApp api, so we plan
> on writing a tm driver for NetApp soon.
> I'm interested to hear about other people's setups and solutions.

We're using iSCSI targets directly (one target per vm), automatically created 
and initialized (cloned) from images on vm deploy. Althogh the target is based 
on IET behind gigabit links, it works quite well: we haven't done performance 
benchmarks (yet), but the installation time of virtual machines is kinda same 
than on real hardware.

We developed a custom TM driver for this, because this approach makes live 
migration trickier, since just before live migration the target host needs to 
log in to the iSCSI target hosting the disks of the vm, and this is something 
ONE can't do, so we used libvirt hooks to do this -- works like a charm. 
Libvirt hooks are also good for reattaching virtual machines to their virtual 
networks on live migration -- again something ONE doesn't do.


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