[one-users] OpenNebula 2.0 RC1 breaks vmware IM

Chris Johnston chjohnston at rim.com
Mon Sep 27 11:13:45 PDT 2010

First, excellent job with OpenNebula! Now the bug...

Looks like a change in RC1 has broken the vmware IM. The "MONITOR" command is sending more data than the IM is expecting. With beta1 it was 3 arguments, with rc1 its 4 arguments, and only 3 are expected by the vmware IM.

one-2.0-beta1/src/im/InformationManagerDriver.cc - line 32
    os << "MONITOR " << oid << " " << host << endl;

opennebula-1.9.90/src/im/InformationManagerDriver.cc - line 32
    os << "MONITOR " << oid << " " << host << " " << update << endl;

opennebula-1.9.90/src/im_mad/vmware/OneImVmware.java - lines 118-121
            } else if (str_split.length != 3)
                      send_message("FAILURE Unknown command");

I'm guessing since 'update' is associated with the 'SCRIPTS_REMOTE_DIR' in oned.conf and the im_ssh driver it can be ignored for the vmware IM.


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