[one-users] Virtual networking isolation in version 2.0

Cuong Hoang Bui bhcuong2008 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 10:21:22 PDT 2010


I've read the networking guide at link below. In the figure in this doc, 
there are 2 subnets, blue network and red network. After configuring 
Opennebula and nodes for virtual network support, I will use onevnet to 
create 2 subnets, red and blue,  then I will create 2 VMs with red 
network, 2 VMs with blue network. After these 4 VMs in runnung state, if 
I log in to VM belonging to red network, set it to IP belonging to blue 
network, then it can connect to VMs in blue network? Is it the right way 
to use network isolation feature? I'm sorry when asking this question 
due to I dont have enough machines to do this test.


Cuong Hoang Bui
ctek at cteklab.net
bhcuong2008 at gmail.com

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