[one-users] Can not ssh any virtual machine.

rajendra kumar rajendra at kqinfotech.com
Wed Sep 8 07:01:42 PDT 2010

Hi All,

I have setup a dhcp server for my organization.This DHCP
server( will serve IP Address to all physical machine.
and i also have setup opennebula for virtual machine(KVM hypervisor). And i
dont want that my virtual machine's get IP Address
from virtual network(opennebula gives a provision to do that). Means Virtual
Machine should get IP address from range to 254.

For MAC Address management i am taking care of that.

I doing this because of these virtual machine should be accessible locally
from any physical machine whenever i want(using ssh).
if i am using openebula's method, in which say i have a virtual network with
ranged(190.168.2. or any thing other than 192.168.0.).
then i won't be able to access virtual machines. because this virtual
network is isolated from my local network.

(like in Virtual Box, if we have changed Network setting for Virtual machine
as Bridge then this virtual machine will the part of your
local network.It will get IP address from your DHCP server)

i have tried with this template.

NAME   = ttylinux
CPU    = 0.1
MEMORY = 512

DISK   = [
  source   = "/srv/cloud/one/one-templates/ttylinux.img",
  target   = "hda",
  readonly = "no" ]

NIC    = [ MAC = "00:20:11:54:21:32" ]  # i am not specifying NETWORK=""

FEATURES=[ acpi="no" ]

  type    = "vnc",
  listen  = "",
  port    = "6789"

but this template won't deploy successfully.

If you have any suggestion for this i will be very great-full to you guys.

Thanks in advance!!


Rajendra Kumar
KQ infotech
Mobile No: +91-9823565282
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